Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency (RF) technologies are highly being used in today’s time in dermatology to gain skin revival with minimum impacts and personal time. Radiofrequency allows doctors to increase focus on tissue layers preventing depigmentation and delayed injury recovering. It is a flexible dermatological technique that is used for surgical management of skin sores by the use of different types of substituting current at an ultra-high recurrence. The major modalities in radiofrequency are electro section, electrocoagulation, electrodesiccation, and fulguration. The use of radiofrequency ablation in dermatological practice has gained importance in recent years as it is being to treat most of the skin lesions with ease in less time with the clean surgical field due to adequate hemostasis and with minimal side effects and complications

Every year, there is a continuously increasing number of treatments for skin and body. The latest surgical treatments include laser and light devices. The light-based technologies transmit energy into the skin resulting in volumetric tissue heating. As science has developed better therapies, radiofrequency devices have become more popular.

Radiofrequency uses electric current rather than other sources like lasers and uses the generated energy or the heat from the dermis. The heat is transformed into a dermal remodel and gives anti-aging effects.

In cosmetic dermatology, RF is used for skin-related treatments since the 20th century. There are two different types of RF treatments, the monopolar type, and bipolar type. Lately, the fractional type is in use widely. The results from the RF treatment are very effective for aging skin and scars. This is one of the safest and fastest treatment options. The working mechanism of RF technology has been examined and has resulted in safe for this field.

RF technology is also developed for use in skin rejuvenation. So far, RF treatments were used for skin laxity, scars, acne vulgaris, rhytides, and cellulitis. They all resulted in positive treatments. It best showed positive results in patients with early signs of aging. But for patients with intense skin folds and laxity, they require more invasive treatments or combined treatments. Nowadays, the treatments are often combined with laser, botox, or fillers to gain as many effects in the lowest time. RF is always an alternative treatment for any kind of laser or light-based treatments. But we need more information and research must be done to identify different types of RF technologies and their indications.

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