Laser Hair removal

Dermacos uses high-end equipment to remove hair on any part of the body. Our methods are safe and gentle with minimum pain. We have provided 100s of patients with 100% results with no recurring regrowth of hair.

Laser Hair removal is by far the most effective method compared to shaving, threading, epilating or using hair-removal creams. Lasers offer a permanent solution without any side effects in 90% of the cases. Lasers work at the roots of the hair to kill the hair follicle so that it does not produce fresh hair. Lasers are the only way you can get  permanent hair reduction. Traditionally the lasers used for the reduction of hair include IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Long Pulsed Nd Yag LASERs. At Dermacos however we use the more advanced  diode LASER, which emits a  red light 800nm wavelength. The results are not only most effective but with zero side effects. 

At Dermacos we use the most advanced diode laser technology which is the gold standard globally, to remove hair. Although lasers have been in use for over 3 decades, it is only in the last 5-6 years that they have been perfected for the use of hair.  The advanced laser equipment at Dermacos is 100% safe and most effective in treating hair removal to give you that silky smooth skin. 

We use the diode laser which is a permanent, safe and effective solution to all unwanted hair on the body. It is totally painless and does not require any numbing creams either. It is a day procedure which requires a couple of hours for each sitting. The number of sittings depends on the area to be covered to remove hair. Typically a patient needs to have 5-6 sittings to remove almost 90% of the hair

How does the LASER hair-removal treatment work?

Dermacos Diode laser system is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. So the darker the hair the better the results. This laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle which gets heated up and burnt to death. Once the cells are destroyed within the shaft, it has no chance of growing again. 

How many laser hair removal sessions does one need?

The number of sessions required for hair removal is highly variable. In smaller areas like bikini and underarms it takes around 5-6 sessions each for a reduction of 90% of hair. Even in  larger areas like legs or hands the number of sessions will be around 5-6, for the area to be covered and it also depends on the level of response to the laser. When it comes to facial hair removal it will take longer, since you need careful work and also you need more results, since it is the most visible part of your body.


Frequently Asked Questions

The LASER hair removal is mostly painless and you will only feel a slight sensation of pricking probably like a mosquito bite. This is mostly bearable and is very comfortable compared to waxing. In certain areas like the bikini, a numbing cream is used since it is a delicate area.

Laser hair removal may not be suitable for everyone. Since the laser works if the pigment is dark, it really works only on black or brown hair. Also if the person is coloured, the lasers will not be effective, since they will penetrate the skin and not just the hair follicle. So the more the contrast between the colour of the skin and hair the more effective laser hair removal is. The laser surely will not work on grey or blonde hair. In cases where there is excessive facial hair due to hormonal imbalances, we do not recommend the laser hair removal, but will ask the patient to treat the underlying cause of the excessive growth.

Today the technology is so advanced, that there is absolutely no risk invoiced in laser hair removal. You might perceive slight tingling or prickling sensation. Sometimes the skin may get red, but it is only for a few hours after the treatment. It is so comfortable that patients go to sleep or read during the sessions. The risk of laser burns is very minimal and nil if you are getting it treated under an experienced dermatologist.

About the doctor

Haritha Bandaru, the founder, and owner of Dermacos is an experienced Dermatologist, cosmetologist, and Trichologist, having 5 years of experience in treating various ailments related to skin and hair. She has treated 1000s of cases with great expertise and with 100% satisfied clientele. She has the ability to grasp the problem and understand your skin type and also the hair quality with one visit, due to her advanced and latest technology.

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