Earlobe repairs

One main reason for split earlobes or widened ear piercing hole happens due to acute trauma. If the earring is  being pulled many times either due to clothes or accidentally due to grabbing by pets or kids can cause trauma to the earlobe. Likewise, even wearing heavy earrings can also lengthen the hole and gradually causes it, to pull through time. This often occurs among people with thin earlobes.

Split earlobes can occur among people without ear piercing too. Seldom, the clip-on earrings may seem too tight and would stop the blood flow to the earlobe which can lead to necrosis or numbness of a part of the earlobe.Widened ear piercing holes also mean split earlobes, this may occur while wearing heavy earrings or earrings being pulled. Some ear piercings are stretched purposefully to fit in the ear tunnels.

A surgical procedure is very much necessary for a split earlobe or a widened hole or a stretched ear piercing. Facial plastic surgeons, ENT doctors, and dermatologic surgeons are the right physicians who can perform these procedures.

First, using an antiseptic the area is cleaned and then it is injected with anesthesia to numb the part.During the surgery, the skin around the hole or the split is cut and restitched again using a special technique so that there are no scars being left.Depending on the stitching material used, you may need to come back for stitch removal. Few stitches that are combined into the skin, so they do not have to be removed.

You should inform your doctor about it, if you have had any large scars or keloids previously. You might want to tell them the appearance of the earlobe after and whether you would still wear earrings later after the surgery. If you want your ear to be pierced will depend on if you already have them pierced after the procedure is performed.

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