Laser Toning

Laser Toning

Dermacos offers top-notch laser toning for a brighter, smoother, younger looking skin.  Laser toning is a painless procedure and offers very good and long lasting. One of the major signs of ageing skin are enlarged pores and laser toning helps to minimize these pores for a much younger looking skin. 

The major sign of ageing skin are the pores, which get larger as we grow older.  Laser toning is the perfect way to close the enlarged  pores in a quick and painless method. With laser toning your skin gets much smoother and also makes it lighter. Laser toning will help you regain the youthful glow on your skin and removes fine lines and also scars. 

There is no recovery time needed for this procedure and can be done in a few hours time and to get back to work. Laser toning triggers the production of the collagen in the subdermal layer and this helps in the skin rejuvenation resulting in a younger and brighter skin. Since the production of collagen does not stop with the end of the procedure, it will continue to produce the collagen for the skin. 

Laser toning is not just meant for the face, but it also helps in the toning of the body which is below the neck.

Dermacos offers the best technology and most remarkable results and has the following advantages: 

  • No recovery time required
  • No discomfort or pain
  • No absence from work required
  • Quick and easy process
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Most safe on all skin types
  • Results improve over time

Laser Toning may not be suitable if you are

  • Pregnant
  • History of seizures due to intense  light
  • Previous record of abnormal wound healing or keloid scarring
  • Infected skin area

About the doctor

Haritha Bandaru, the founder, and owner of Dermacos is an experienced Dermatologist, cosmetologist, and Trichologist, having 5 years of experience in treating various ailments related to skin and hair. She has treated 1000s of cases with great expertise and with 100% satisfied clientele. She has the ability to grasp the problem and understand your skin type and also the hair quality with one visit, due to her advanced and latest technology.

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