Dermacos offers a range of highly safe and effective injectables for various skin problems and to enhance the quality of the skin. The following are the various injectables we use and the results you can expect from them. Calcium hydroxylapatite which is known most popularly with its brand name Radiesse Calcium hydroxylapatite is a mineral-like compound available in human bones, however it is created synthetically in the lab with safe bio products. There is no possibility of a reaction or a side effect that arises from this. In fact it is so safe that there is no testing required for this product. It has the quality of staying where it is injected so that it does not migrate into other unwanted places in the body. It is a well-proven product as it has already been used in vairous dental treatments with high effectiveness and safety. 

It  treats a variety of conditions including: 

  • Removes frown Lines
  • Improves the roundness or fullness of the face
  • Improves sunken eyes
  • Helps in contouring the face to a desired shape


  • There is a lot of information out there on Botox, here we will inform our patients about the uses and efficacies of the treatment at our specialized clinic for Botox.
  • Dermacos provided Botox in order to control muscle spasm, excess underarm sweating and just for cosmetic enhancement. 
  • At Dermacos we have effectively used Botox which contains sodium chloride, botulinum toxin type A and human albumin (extracted from human blood plasma).
  • We all know that age causes wrinkles especially around the eyes, lips and between your eyebrows. Botox Cosmetic is most helpful to erase or reduce these lines.  
  • This is FDA-approved as is more often used for forehead lines, crow’s feet, lines at the edges of the mouth and around the lips. Do not mistake Botox Cosmetic for injectable fillers. Dermal fillers work in a unique way, plumping up tissues which will decrease or vanish the lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Botox is used for the most part in the upper face, and fillers are used generally in different portions.
  • Are you healthy enough for having Botox? In the USA, the FDA has approved Botox Cosmetic only for 18+ to 65-year-olds. Yet, you shouldn’t use it on the off chance that you:
  • Are adversely affected by any components in Botox or Botox CosmeticAre sensitive to another botulinum toxin brand, or had any symptom from these items before 
  • Have skin disease or other condition in the infusion region 
  • Have ALS (Lou Gehrig’s illness), myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton disorder or another illness that impacts your muscles or nerves 
  • Have breathing issues, for example, asthma 
  • Experience issues gulping 
  • Have bleeding problems 
  • Plan to experience medical procedure 
  • Have had a facial medical procedure 
  • Have a lapse in your forehead muscles 
  • Have weak eyelids 
  • Are taking or have as of late taken certain meds and nutrients.
  • It is advised that you should not have Botox injections if you are planning or attempting to superfetate a child,  or are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding. It’s smarter to be cautious, and you can have Botox later on.

How Botox injections work

  • A wrinkle in the skin is commonly shaped opposite to a contracting muscle found underneath it. For instance, the muscle in the forehead is a vertical muscle, and when it contracts, the wrinkles will be vertical.
  • Moreover, the two muscles that are used as the frown lines are located lightly horizontally between the eyebrows, so when they contract, they seem vertical.
  • Botox Cosmetic is infused into muscles, where it obstructs nerve pulses to those tissues. There is a decrease in the frown lines and results in a smooth look. Without a contracting muscle beneath it, the skin faces troubles in wrinkling.
  • Facial lines that exist when your face is completely relaxed are not generally fit contenders for Botox. These lines are better-taken care of by the dermal fillers. Botox can often “relax” these lines yet not ordinarily can rid them.
  • It takes around 10 minutes for the injection and you will be absolutely fine after a short time.
  • Usually, you would see improvement in a couple of days. Botox expects two to four days for it to connect to the nerve ending that would typically spur the muscle to contract. The most extreme impact normally happens at around 10-14 days. Consequently, whatever impact is received two weeks after the injections should be viewed as the most extreme impact that will happen.

Is Botox painful?

  • An injection is usually stingy however the needles we use for Botox injections are really small, so there is very little pain. Place where it has been injected can be numbed by applying an anesthetic cream or cold pack for 10-20 minutes before it’s injected, so you may not feel a lot of agonies if there is any.
  • It might be inconvenient later on when the anesthetic cream has faded off. Other side effects are recorded beneath.
  • How frequently would it be a good idea for you to get Botox injections?
  • In 3-4 months many see the impacts, however, a few components may shorten or lengthen that timing.


  • Your age. People with old age have less muscle tone hence they may get results to reduce sooner.
  • Your facial structure and appearances.
  • Regardless of whether you smoke.
  • Your eating regimen.
  • If you take great concern of your skin; use facials, microdermabrasion or other re-emerging techniques.
  • How much sunlight you get and how much the sun-damaged skin already.
  • Anyway, whether you use Botox regularly or not. This appears to differ from one to another. Some get a longer-lasting impact with rehashed use, while others appear to build up protection from the medication and need to have regular medications.
  • Doctors suggest that it is a good idea to ask your expert practitioner if you have an important question on any of the above factors. Regardless, it is not recommended to have injections in the same area more often than every three months.

About the doctor

Haritha Bandaru, the founder, and owner of Dermacos is an experienced Dermatologist, cosmetologist, and Trichologist, having 5 years of experience in treating various ailments related to skin and hair. She has treated 1000s of cases with great expertise and with 100% satisfied clientele. She has the ability to grasp the problem and understand your skin type and also the hair quality with one visit, due to her advanced and latest technology

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