Hair care

“Your hair is an indicator of good underlying health and prime factor for attractiveness ”

We all know that Haircare is a multi-billion dollar industry, primarily because it can make or break the looks of a person. Good hair is really a gift that you need to take care of and if you are not blessed with good hair, you can still develop it both by natural means and also through the advanced technologies available at Dermacos.

Why should you take care of your hair

  • We get patients every day who show signs of brutal damage to the hair. This is caused by various factors including usage of heavy chemical-based products for styling, severe diet issues having vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Some lifestyle issues can affect your hair severely. To enhance the durability of your hair, supplements, dietary changes and changing the hairstyling habits should be considered.
  • At Dermacos we get to the roots of the hair care problem, quite literally. Here we analyze the scalp and check for any damage or hygiene problems. We then diagnose the cause of your hair problems and suggest the required treatment to eliminate the problem. 
  • If you are having problems with your hair, it means that there are several unresolved issues with your entire system. Often the causes of brittle and dry hair are due to nutritional deficiencies like lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet.  We at Dermacos also provide nutritional advice, while providing you with the right treatment for 100% satisfactory results. Sometimes, hereditary can play a role in the quality of hair. But there is no situation that can’t be rectified or remedied. 
  • Hair is truly the crowning glory of every person. Having great hair can make or break your confidence and also your success with others. No matter how great your personality, looks play a vital and important part in the impression you create with others. Taking care of your hair is vital to your health. 

At the Dermacos clinic, we treat the following hair conditions, with 100% results and effectiveness.

  • Alopecia
  • Dandruff Control
  • Hair Fall
  • Bald Head
  • Hair Regeneration
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