General Dermatology


  1. At Dermacos we offer a wide range of skin and hair related treatments with the latest equipment and highly qualified doctors. 
  2. General Dermatology pertains to general questions on skin or hair, where the problem is not easily identified.  We have the expertise to detect the root cause of any ailment pertaining to skin and hair.
  3. Dermacos uses the latest equipment to detect and treat any specific problems related to skin which include acne which forms into cysts and laso blackheads.
  4. Not all trestements are the same and we take time to diagnose the problem right from its roots and eliminate all possible causes which might be triggering the condition.
  5. Dermacos uses a high range of laser technology and also the medical grade fillers and peels are proven for safety and effectiveness.
  6. Dermacos also offers general meditation or superficial treatment through ointments and gels in certain cases.

Photodynamic therapy

Dermacos uses the Photodynamic therapy which is very targeted and precise. It is a safe and effective way to treat certain types of skin cancers which are borne out of sun exposure. This therapy is commonly called the light therapy and requires laser treatment, LED and ultraviolet rays to treat the ailment. Depending on the area, it takes several sittings to get a complete result from these procedures. It can be used both in small areas as well as large areas, provided the other healthy areas are well protected from the rays.


Also called light therapy, phototherapy exposes the skin to lasers, LED, fluorescent lamps, and ultraviolet or infrared radiation to treat diseases.  Phototherapy may be used on the whole body or smaller areas.

Excimer laser treatment

  1. Precise laser treatment for treating psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, and other skin conditions without damaging healthy skin; requires shorter and fewer treatments than many other therapies.
  2. Our equipment at Dermacos for Laser treatment is used to treat conditions including  psoriasis, dermatitis, vitiligo, and other skin problems. It is so targeted and precise that it does not damage the healthy cells and only targets the area to be treated. It also takes less time to treat than other procedures.

Topical therapy with medications

Conditions Treated: 
  1. At Dermacos we have the capacity to diagnose the problems for various skin and hair conditions, which may range from minor scars to major skin cancers.
  2. It is essential that the skin conditions are diagnosed early to ensure that it does not become a deadly symptom of an underlying cause. 
  3. For example Rosacea is a common skin condition in the teenage but if it is left untreated, it may affect the rest of the skin and cause problems. It will begin to cause an itchy inflammatory skin leaving skin red, itchy and scaly with patches. Also it might spread to others through contact, because it is caused by a virus which results in a benign growth.
Acne rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition known for facial redness — but it can spread elsewhere, too, and cause other problems.

Hair loss

Also known as alopecia, any type of hair loss on the scalp or other regions of the body.


A chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by red, itchy, scaly patches.


Inflammation and rash of the skin at the area of contact with another substance.


A small, hard, benign growth on the skin, caused by a virus.

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