The procedure to freeze the fat cells is called Cryolipolysis, commonly called “CoolSculpting”. The procedure involves cooling the fat cells with cold temperature to the point of killing them. Then the cells automatically get eliminated from the bloodstream. There is no discomfort when the cells are being frozen, since the temperature is applied only to the fat cells and not to the skin and other receptors to the brain. This is very commonly performed to effectively remove the stubborn fat stores in the body. Those who have done enough exercise and dieting but are unable to reduce the stubborn fat are best suited. It is not an easy, quick method for large amounts of fat deposits. If you have any cold-related problems and hyper-sensitivity to cold  temperatures, you are not suitable for the procedure. You should not have underlying problems like paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia or old urticaria. Age also matters in this procedure. We do not recommend this procedure for those with loose or sagging skin.The procedure involved using extremely low temperature to freeze the fat cells till they die and merge into the bloodstream. It may take 1-10 sittings to see visible results. There is no anesthesia required for cryolipolysis and it is an outpatient procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The patient is first examined for the areas to be treated. A measurement is taken of the area and the right instrument with the size and curvature is chosen to be used in the place. Also the area to be treated is carefully marked, so that the results are aesthetic and not bumpy.  Also a pad with gel on it is used so that the skin is protected. The area to be treated is sucked into the applicator and the temperature is passed to the fat cells automatically. This also numbs the area tht is being treated so that the patient does not feel the cold pressure. The only discomfort could be the sensation of the vacuum pulling the tissue into it. But once the procedure is done, it returns to normalcy. You can easily watch TV or use your phone, while the procedure is being done. After the procedure complets, a gentle massage is given. 

There is no risk or complication involved in this procedure. If the doctors are not qualified enough, they may use the procedure in the wrong areas and create a sort of bumpiness on the skin. Sometimes, patients may not be happy with the results. The expectations with the patients should be set before the procedure. One side effect called paradoxical fat hyperplasia is noticed in less than 1% of male patients of  Hispanic or Latino descent, which means that there is an unexpected increase in the fat cells.

There is absolutely no restriction in activity or movement immediately after the procedure. It feels like they had a good workout and may feel a little sore, but that is totally non-disruptive to the day-to-day activities. If there is any pain, which rarely happens, they should immediately contact the doctor.

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Haritha Bandaru, the founder, and owner of Dermacos is an experienced Dermatologist, cosmetologist, and Trichologist, having 5 years of experience in treating various ailments related to skin and hair. She has treated 1000s of cases with great expertise and with 100% satisfied clientele. She has the ability to grasp the problem and understand your skin type and also the hair quality with one visit, due to her advanced and latest technology.

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